[2015] 107 Innovation of Indonesia 2015 “Wild-moth silk for surgical suture” | BIC|IPB|

“In biomedical field, the usage of silk from silkworm (B. mori) as a surgical suture is already common and widely mass-produced. Silk from giant silk moth (A. atlas Linn.) can potentially become superior substitute that can be produced locally.”


[2014] 106 Innovation of Indonesia 2014 “Iron-bioceramic composites for temporary medical implant” | BIC|IPB|

“Iron-Bioceramics composite implant is a novel concept in the field of biomaterials. This composite implant helps the healing of bones and is naturally absorbed by the body during the process. Patient will only need to go in for surgery once, since removal of the implant is not needed, thus lowering the risk of medical complications and patients’ discomfort. Iron-Bioceramics Composite implants have good biocompatibility, osteoconductivity, and biodegradability as proven in in-vitro and in-vivo trials on animals.”